Strengthening from the inside out

So Active is about strengthening you from the inside out, specialising in Pre & Postnatal fitness for mum’s of all ages and stages.

A welcoming and supportive environment allowing you time to focus on you and your fitness whist also caring for your little one. Babies & toddlers welcome at every class.

m: 021 060 6124


Building Strength, Stamina and Stability in Mind and Body.


Personal Training - Just that, training developed with only one person in mind, you. All personal training is tailored to your specific needs and ability, it includes initial and ongoing expert assessment and real world exercises to get you to your goals.

Bootcamp - Get that booty to camp! A classic early morning bootcamp where we work hard and start your day right. Now get down and give me 20.

Mothers and Babies Classes

These classes are designed for you to bring your little ones.  You spend so much time and energy looking after your little one now let us show them how important it is to take care of you too. Join us for a great workout in a friendly and supportive environment, tailored to suit all different stages of motherhood.

Optimal Pregnancy Exercise (OPEx) - Exercise while pregnant? Of course you can! Developed through years of experience with pregnancy focused exercise, keeping you and baby healthy, active and prepared for the big day. 

Core Connect  Course - For mums who want to return to exercise safely and optimally.  The goal of this eight week course is to develop body awareness allowing you to return to your favourite way of moving/exercising safely and with confidence. Get connected with your core (and below!).

Spinata - An awesome session of Spin combined with Tabata interval training.

Group Personal Training (GPT) - As it sounds, fun, safe, varied training with a group of people just like you, well almost!


Personal Training (flexi-location)                                                                        $75/hr or $60 3/4hr

Optimal Pregnancy Exercise* (OPEx)                                                               $16.50 per class

CoreConnect - 8 week course                                                                              $140

Spinata**                                                                                                                     $16.50 per class/wk

Group Personal Training** (GPT)                                                                       $16.50 per class/week

Bootcamp**                                                                                                               $16.50 per class/week

*Courses run to coincide with full school term

**Attend multiple GPT, Spinata or Bootcamp classes in any week and save