Strengthening from the inside out

So Active is about strengthening you from the inside out, specialising in Pre & Postnatal fitness for mum’s of all ages and stages.

A welcoming and supportive environment allowing you time to focus on you and your fitness whist also caring for your little one. Babies & toddlers welcome at every class.

m: 021 060 6124


Building Strength, Stamina and Stability in Mind and Body.


Our Classes

All So Active classes have been designed so you can bring your little one along whether they’re little newbies or toddling toddlers bubs is no excuse to not get to class.

Bootcamp : Get that booty to camp! You know what this is, work hard and reap the rewards. Now get down and give me 20!

Spinata : An awesome session of Spin combined with tabata interval training to really get you working.

GPT (Group Personal Training) : Fun, safe, varied training with a group of people just like you…well almost!

Core Connect Course (Post Pregnancy Specialty Class) : Get connected with your core (and below). Exercise with a focus on improving and maintaining all the bits that change through life that we often neglect.

OPExercise (Optimal Pregnancy Exercise) : Designed specifically for expectant Mum’s, don’t let that bump stop you from moving! Developed through years of experience with pregnancy focused exercise keeping you and baby healthy, active and prepared for the special day.